Frequently Asked Questions

1. P R I C I N G

Q. Do you offer memberships based on contract?

A. No contract.

Q. How much does the membership cost?

A. We offer two forms of membership: Monthly and Yearly based on the amount of weekly classes you take.
For classes once a week: $120/month or $1,152/annually
For classes twice a week: $180/month or $1,728/annually
For unlimited classes: $260/month or $2,496/annually

Q. Do you offer family discounts?
A. Yes, we do offer 50% discount to all 2nd family members and thereafter.

Q. Do you offer discounts for Law enforcement?
A. Yes, we do offer 10% discount to all law enforcement agencies, including fire fighters and first responders, and their family members.

Q. How much is a day pass (mat fee)?
A. We are currently not offering day passes. We encourage out-of-town visitors to seek other schools in the area.

Q. How much is the uniform?
A. A basic uniform is included on your first membership free of charge.

Q. How much are your testing fees?
A. We never charge for testing. Every student will earn their next rank as their progress in their own pace.

Q. How much cost those Jiu- Jitsu cards that resemble Pokemon cards? My son saw one with his friend that is your student.
A. No charge. All youth students receive a VA Power Card© as they learn new moves that are part of our official youth curriculum. There are 100+ to be collected. They are not for trading, as they can access free video-lessons of each technique with a QR code on the back of each card.

2. R A N K    A D V A N C E M E N T

Q. How long time takes to get the black belt?
A. Rank advancement in our school is not a commerce. A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a serious achievement that cannot be bought, only earned, at least in our school. As Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is made by thousands of thousands of techniques that can only be polished with maturity and proper mindset, the minimum age to obtain the black belt is 19 years old. It takes an average of 7 years of training to master the minimum requirements to become a black belt.

Q. What is the highest color belt a child can attain in BJJ?
A. The green belt. It precedes the blue belt that can only be attained by someone that is at least 16 years old of age. A green belt in BJJ, generally possesses 100x more knowledge than a black belt in any other martial art style practitioner of the same age.

3. C L A S S    F O R M A T

Q. Can my 6 years old child take class together with my other 13 years old?

A. No. We are fortunate for being able to structure our classes based on the children's respective physical and mental maturity levels, so they can receive proper instruction based on what they can comprehend and what they can perform. Just like a school would not allow a 3rd grader to attend the same classroom of a 7th grader. Families are welcome to participate together on our open mat sessions during the weekend.

Q. Do I have to spar others during my first classes?
A. Sparring is done in a controlled and safe environment and it is available to new students only after a strong foundation is built. It will be introduced gradually just like when someone learns how to ride a bicycle with training wheels, firstly. The intensity of sparring is always monitored. All students spar each other in a friendly manner and most of the times it is done in a slow pace gear so the learning aspect is much more emphasized rather than merely trying to win.

Q. How does the 30-day basic training classes work?
A. These classes are held in a private or semi-private class format with the goal to introduce our basic routine of exercises to the new student as well as to build a solid foundation in regards to simple self-defense concepts. As the student progresses, we will mix him or her gradually with current members that are already training advanced techniques.

Q. Usually how many people are in your regular classes?
A. Currently the average amount of students we have in the following classes are:
Pre-K: 5
Kids: 15
Teens: 10
Adults: 15

4. G E N E R A L    Q U E S T I O N S

Q. Do you offer a free trial class?
A. No. The reason why is because we are professionals and we put all our energy into our lessons, while a lot of people come to try a class without the same level of interest. Anyone is welcome to observe any class, though. With that said, be aware you may be observing an advanced class that is not what a beginner would be learning. Please contact us, so we can give you the best information. 

Q. Are all your classes 30 minutes long? I don't see your full schedule online.
A. No. Only the basic training classes for beginners are 30 minutes long. We have other classes ranging from 45 to 90 minutes. Our full schedule is available for regular members at the academy. The current schedule for beginners is available on this website.

Q. I am visiting Sarasota on vacation, can I attend your open mat?
A. No. Our open mat sessions are for members only. Some visitors are disruptive for the very fact they don't live in the area, so in order to keep our members safe and headache-free, we encourage out-of-town visitors to seek other schools in the area.

Q. Do you offer summer camps?

A. Yes, we do offer various camps throughout the year.

Q. Do you offer corporate workshops in other countries?
A. Yes, Professor Vieira has taught numerous workshops outside the USA. Obviously, as he is a Brazilian native, in Brazil and also Canada, Puerto Rico, England, France and Germany.

Q. My children just moved from Russia and don't speak English at this point. Can they join?
A. Absolutely! We have members from all over the world! Professor Vieira is a gifted teacher and will use the universal language of Jiu-Jitsu to engage your kids. Learning and fun guaranteed!