BJJ Kids Cards Collector's Book


BJJ Kids Cards Collector's Book

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ISBN-10: 0578206552

ISBN-13: 978-0578206554

  • YOUR BEST INVESTMENT ON BJJ FOR KIDS: Look no further for the best way to keep kids interested and boosting retention of what they learn.
  • ORGANIZE your cards and learn FUN BJJ FACTS & HISTORY


Children all over the world have greatly benefitted from the BJJ Kids Cards as part of their training curriculum. They are excited about collecting the cards and reviewing the training videos online. They even use them as BJJ tournament game cards, by playing one card against another! It is a fun way for them to learn how to build up their own repertoire of attacks and counters! Many kids also enjoy sharing new moves with friends they love by gifting or trading a BJJ Kids Card! BJJ Kids Cards are sold separately in booster packs and contain detailed technical information and tips on the front of each card. On the back of every card, there is a QR code which automatically links to the respective online lesson. Each pack can be used as a belt-level curriculum individually or in a Dojo. As for parents, they can always remain on top of their children's training, even if there are classes they are unable to watch. All they need to know is the name of the moves trained that day, and they can use the QR code to watch the online video. There are so many practical uses for these cards alone but with this album, there is now a beautiful and functional way to keep the cards organized. 


Professor Thadeu Vieira is a native of Brazil. He is a fourth-degree black belt and graduated with his degree in Physical Education from the University of Volta Redonda (UNIFOA) in Rio de Janeiro State. In 2002, he received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Master Paulo Wesley Lopes (Student of Grand Master Francisco Mansor which is the student of Grand Master Helio Gracie). Professor Vieira has specialized in teaching BJJ to children, and he has several students that have been awarded gold medals in the Brazilian National, Pan American, and World Championships, in all ages. He currently lives in Sarasota, FL.

BJJ Kids Cards



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